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Eccentry Holidays Recommends That You Pre-Check in Your Luggage

Posted by on May 7, 2015 in Eccentry Holidays, Travel, Travel Tips |

Eccentry Holidays Recommends That You Pre-Check in Your Luggage

Pre-checking your luggage can save you a lot of time at the airport

Eccentry Holidays knows that having your luggage and bags pre-checked in and signed up online before you arrive at the airport. If you have your luggage and bags pre-checked through using a computer at your home you can save valuable time in the process of boarding and pre-departure activities.

So how you do this is first you start by packing all your bags including your carry-on bag. Start with packing your carry-on bag first and keep the first tip in mind pack lightly but appropriately as much as possible. If you do need the extra suitcase then that is the next item you pack and at the same time keep in mind that chances that you will be buying something while you are traveling are very high. Eccentry Holidays suggests you keep some space open in your suitcase for the items that you know you will end up buying.

Then log onto the airlines webpage with your information and enter the number of the bags that you are taking with you. You should not include your carry-on bag unless they ask about that in particular. At this point the webpage will probably ask you for your credit card information and that is fine as it is charging you for their luggage fee.

Eccentry Holidays recommends that you check to make sure that webpage is secure before you proceed though. Then you will want to print the luggage tag or receipt that the webpage gives you and bring that to the airport with you as well as your other items.

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Eccentry Holidays Shares List of Top Florida Destinations to Visit in 2015

Posted by on Apr 10, 2015 in Eccentry Holidays |

Destination map marked with red pin

Eccentry Holidays knows that a trip to any one of these destinations is sure to be a hit.

Eccentry Holidays is a luxury vacation provider that offers its members the chance to stay in comfortable, quality condominiums at some of the best travel locations in the United States as well as around the world. The best place to find these features are in the Sunshine State of Florida. Eccentry Holidays recommends these Florida destinations as go-to spots for members to travel this summer.

Key West – Anyone looking for paradise will find it quickly when they arrive in beautiful Key West, Florida. Located 129 miles south of Miami, Key West encompasses an island chain just off the Florida peninsula. Key West offers gorgeous, long stretches of white, sugary beaches, as well as peaceful waters. Key West is an incredible place to truly relax and get away from it all. Activities abound here including glass-bottom kayaking and snorkeling. Some of the top destinations to visit are: Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory, Harry S. Truman Little White House, Red Barn Theater and Waterfront Playhouse, Wreck of the Vandenberg, and Dry Tortugas National Park. With Eccentry Holidays, vacationers can take in all the sights and activities that Key West offers, and then come home to rest in their fully furnished condominium, complete with kitchen and a host of amenities. For true rest and relaxation an Eccentry Holidays vacation to Key West can’t be beat!

Orlando – Families with kids of all ages will have the time of their lives in Orlando, Florida as it is home to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and SeaWorld, Orlando. In addition to the fun offered by the theme parks, there are plenty of other things to do in Orlando. The area has lots of affordable options for fun, such as golf, dinner theaters, art museums, and the largest flea market in the United States, Flea World. With more than 2,000 lakes and over 5,300 restaurants, Eccentry Holidays knows that there is something for every taste in Orlando.

Fort Lauderdale – Fort Lauderdale, also known as the “Venice of America,” (like Venice, it has a large canal system), is also the Yachting Capital of the World. Local residents own around 50,000 private yachts. Boaters will find that Fort Lauderdale is a veritable paradise. Fort Lauderdale has more to offer than just boating though, and boasts 23 miles of beautiful beaches where vacationers eager for fun in the sun can snorkel and dive among the more than 75 artificial reefs there.

To make the most of an exceptional Florida vacation, travelers should contact Eccentry Holidays today.

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Eccentry Holidays Shares Top Picks for Best Places to See Spring Flowers around the World

Posted by on Apr 5, 2015 in Eccentry Holidays |

A model plane with North America map and US dollars

Eccentry Holidays, renowned provider of affordable luxury vacation accommodations, Highlights Several Popular Spring Destinations

Many cities boast colorful spring bouquets and host spring floral festivals in order to show off their beauty. Spring is definitely a popular time for travelers to seek out destinations that feature the many blossoms Mother Nature has to offer. Eccentry Holidays, has picked a few of its favorite cities to share with travelers.

Holland, Michigan Home of the Tulip Time Festival since 1929, Holland is deeply seeded in its Dutch heritage. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, this quaint city is a mix between lake front village and storybook Dutch charm. Named as “America’s Best Small Town” by Readers Digest, Holland definitely lives up to its reputation. For travelers who enjoy the different colors and types of tulips, Eccentry Holidays is confident that the Tulip Time Festival, one of the top 20 events in the world, will certainly satisfy their expectations.

Noordoostpolder, Netherlands Located in the country of Holland, Noordoostpolder is home to the most tulips to be found anywhere in the country. The Tulpenfestival (or Tulip Festival) was designed to show off the acres of tulip fields in this city. The festival offers a special route, which allows visitors to view the colorful blossoms at their own leisure. They can choose between hiking, biking, horse carriage rides and covered wagon tours. The festival also has many other activities for visitors to enjoy. Eccentry Holidays recommends for visitors to check out the photography competition and the intricate mosaic paths.

Washington D.C., United States — Tulips are not the only beautiful flowers to see during the springtime. Washington D.C. was gifted 3,000 cherry trees in 1912 from Tokyo Mayor, Yukio Ozaki. The result has been one of the largest festivals in the United States—the National Cherry Blossom Festival. It is estimated that more than 1.5 million visitors flock to D.C. each year for the event. Along with all of the other attractions Washington D.C., the Nation’s Capital, has to offer, Eccentry Holidays knows the trip will be well worth it.

Whether it is cherry blossoms, tulips, wildflowers, or irises, there are many beautiful flowers to be seen this spring. Eccentry Holidays encourages travelers to look for festivals wherever they may be traveling this spring. For more information, visit


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Eccentry Holidays Highlights Palm Springs, California forSpring2015 Vacations

Posted by on Mar 18, 2015 in Eccentry Holidays |

Smiling tourists dressed up for Spring season on their vacation

Eccentry Holidays suggests that this spring, travelers head to sunny Palm Springs, California for a beautiful vacation getaway adventure.

Eccentry Holidays knows that many people take time off work during the spring with the goal of escaping the freezing temperatures they recently endured throughout the winter. As an industry-leading luxury accommodation provider, Eccentry Holidays has plenty of options available to members, but one in particular is very popular among spring travelers. Palm Springs, California, is a choice destination for many travelers looking to escape from the cold weather of winter.

Eccentry Holidays is quick to point out that Palm Springs, California, is both scenic and exciting. Many places in the state of California are known for their scenic beauty or the excitement of city life, but few locations are a perfect blend of both. Palm Springs is that perfect blend and year-round it is a popular vacation destination with travelers for that very reason. Known as “the ultimate desert playground” by travelers, Palm Springs offers dozens of exciting opportunities for vacationers, all while being surrounded by a scenic backdrop.

Eccentry Holidays wants travelers to know that the expression “fun in the sun” is taken quite literally in Palm Springs. Throughout the year, the temperature in Palm Springs typically averages between the low 60s and mid 70s, which is perfect for a wide variety of outdoor experiences. Speaking of outdoor experiences, Palm Springs has everything a vacationer could want from a location: rock climbing, horseback riding, hiking trails, off-road vehicle trails, hot air balloon rides, helicopter tours, and much more.

Eccentry Holidays knows that many vacations revolve around family experiences, and wants parents to know that Palm Springs offers plenty for the whole family to enjoy. The local Pioneertown is an old Hollywood film set that has been converted into a functioning “Old West” town featuring shops, restaurants, and live shows. The Magic Jungle Wildlife Preserve offers families the opportunity to see plenty of interesting animals. The two-hour wildlife tours available include lunch, and up-close meetings with cheetahs, tigers, and cougars.

Whether a romantic couple’s vacation is being planned, or an exciting, adventure-filled family vacation is on the agenda, Eccentry Holidays knows that travelers will find plenty of reasons to fall in love with Palm Springs, California during their next vacation.

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Eccentry Holidays Shares Top Valentine’s Day Vacation Ideas

Posted by on Mar 12, 2015 in Eccentry Holidays |

Spend a beautiful day or night at New York Time Square

Eccentry Holidays suggests several great United States destinations for perfect romantic getaways this Valentine’s Day.

Couples romantic getaways are some of the most special and unique experiences out there. Eccentry Holidays knows that one of the best times to take one of these fantastic getaways is during the Valentine’s Day holiday. After all, there are few better ways to celebrate a holiday devoted to love than to go to a beautiful destination and enjoy events specially designed for lovers. There are many amazing United States destinations that will offer couples the perfect settings for their upcoming Valentines getaway, and here Eccentry Holidays explores some of its favorite picks.

  1. San Francisco: One thing that comes to mind when thinking about Valentine’s Day is sweets and chocolates, and those who travel to San Francisco this Valentine’s Day will have many opportunities to satisfy their sweet tooth. There is a Champagne and Chocolate tour in town which is sure to set the mood for many couples. There are also wine tasting events, and even a Valentine’s themed zoo day that Eccentry Holidays knows animal loving couples will appreciate.
  2. Savannah: The southern charm of this Georgia city is perfect for romantic strolls. While wandering around in Savannah’s natural beauty, travelers can get lost with their loved ones and seeing the extraordinary wildlife that live there. There are also some great spots to shop and restaurants that will be the perfect setting for a night out together, or a romantic dinner.
  3. New York: Eccentry Holidays knows that this is one of the most beloved travel destinations int the United States, and believes that Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to visit because of all the extraordinary offerings available to couples on the holiday. From shopping in New York’s world famous stores to seeing a show together on Broadway, there are many ways that a couple can enjoy their time together in New York. Top the trip off with a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park for a truly unforgettable vacation this Valentine’s Day.

By choosing an unforgettable vacation destination and taking advantage of all the local events and activities offered to lovers, it will be easy for couples to make their getaway one that is full of fun and romance. To learn more about choosing the perfect destination for any occasion visit

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Eccentry Holidays Highlights the Best Places to Visit in February

Posted by on Feb 20, 2015 in Eccentry Holidays |

Young man looking for new places to visit on the globe

Eccentry Holidays, a luxury vacation provider, is sharing the best places to visit this February.

Eccentry Holidays is luxury vacation provider that offers incredible accommodations at top locations around the globe. In an effort to always keep its valued members informed about the best places to visit this February.

Cancun, Mexico

Eccentry Holidays suggests that members travel to beautiful Cancun, Mexico. Surrounded by white powdery sand, the crystal, blue waters in Cancun are perfect for snorkeling and diving to see some of the diverse wildlife that lives in the waters. Adventurous visitors can enjoy water sports like jet skiing or they can visit Mayan ruins. During the month of February, the temperature is mild and warm, making it a perfect winter getaway spot.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean offers a relaxing setting in paradise. This beautiful area enjoys mild temperatures all year round. The region is made up of over 700 islands as well as miles of mainland beaches that feature ecosystems ranging from rain forests to mountains. Eccentry Holidays encourages visitors to visit some of the many historical forts in the Caribbean or take a glass-bottom boat tour to view the sea life while staying dry.

San Jose, Costa Rica

For some adventure this February, Eccentry Holidays recommends visiting San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica and the country’s largest city. This bustling metropolis is home to many types of art and architecture and is rich in both history and culture. From relaxing, sandy beaches to bustling nightlife, San Jose offers something for everyone. A renewed focus on international tourism has made this city a top destination for vacationers worldwide.

Eccentry Holidays strives to provide its members with the most luxurious accommodations wherever they decide to travel to. During the cold, winter months of February and February, this outstanding vacation provider recommends these top destinations around the world as ideas for a memorable and warm getaway. For more information about the vacation accommodations and top-notch destinations that Eccentry Holidays offers travel services to, contact this leading vacation club today.

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Eccentry Holidays Considered the Gold Standard in Vacation Providers by Members

Posted by on Feb 10, 2015 in Eccentry Holidays |

Eccentry Holidays The Gold Standard Vacation Provider

Eccentry Holidays The Gold Standard Vacation Provider

Eccentry Holidays members have continuously expressed their delight with the travel services that they have received with this luxury vacation provider.

Eccentry Holidays provides amazing vacation experiences for its members to enjoy at world-class destinations. Based out of beautiful South Florida, Eccentry Holidays focuses on creating a dream vacation anywhere in the world for its members. This exclusive vacation club is truly setting the bar as the gold standard in the travel industry.

Eccentry Holidays provides quality vacations to the most popular destinations around the world. Members can choose their dream vacation and book with ease by using Eccentry’s user-friendly website, or speaking with a vacation concierge. The luxury accommodations where members stay at are truly beautiful and afford the ultimate relaxing getaway experience. This top vacation provider focuses on exclusive destinations featuring incredible resorts with all of the best amenities, and even better customer service.

Eccentry Holidays is happy to announce that member surveys are coming back with extremely positive feedback. Members are thrilled with the ease they experience when booking their vacations and the unparalleled vacation lifestyle offered. Customer service is at the top of the priorities for this vacation provider. Eccentry Holidays prides itself on the friendliness and efficiency of its entire staff.

Naturally, Eccentry Holidays is quickly developing a reputation for having the best customer service in the travel industry. If a member chooses to rent a wave runner or partake in a number of other aquatic activities, it is can be reserved through their vacation concierge. If a member wishes to take their family for a spin on ATVS through the dessert, or take a sunset cruise on a beautiful boat, these options are also available. Members can even book their vacations at the last minute and be incredibly satisfied with the entire Eccentry experience.

Eccentry Holidays focuses on member satisfaction above all else. The company is truly overjoyed at the amazing feedback that it has always received. In fact, the positive feedback is now at an all-time high. Eccentry Holidays could not be happier with the incredible comments from recent member surveys.

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Eccentry Holidays Highlights an Outstanding and Unforgettable Vacation to Seattle

Posted by on Jan 24, 2015 in Eccentry Holidays, Eccentry Holidays Sunny Isles |

Traveling to Seattle with Eccentry Holidays

Traveling to Seattle with Eccentry Holidays Sunny Isles

Eccentry Holidays welcomes you to the Emerald City of Seattle, which has a diverse yet blended culture, easygoing people, appealing activities and unique and unforgettable charm. Seattle considered the crown jewel of the Pacific Northwest has an excellent collection of places, culture and ideas. So grab you best friend or family and trek of to the Emerald city. However, with such diverse attractions and activities to enjoy you should definitely have a good plan before your plane tires touches the runaway.

Eccentry Holidays says that you can enlist the top attractions and the things to enjoy with the aid of a reputable travel agent who will offer you the options and help you navigate you through the best fun filled way. The Space Needle stands out, as the iconic attraction of Seattle created for the 1962 world fair. Tourists will love the panoramic view from its Observation Deck and they need not walk far to enjoy another unique Seattle experience, as it is only a few minutes walk. Its excellent collection of artifacts and exciting multimedia presentation makes the Experience Music Project the first of its kind in the world.

Eccentry Holidays says that the tourists can travel from the city’s heart to its soul that is its Pike Place Market. It is the oldest continually working Farmer’s market and an open-air celebration of fruits and seafood. Tourists with families should visit Seattle’s Aquarium, another popular diving spot, a world-class exhibit and unique underwater viewing dome that really gets your adrenaline moving. Tourists get to watch the colorful belles of the passing fishes and other marine creatures and if you are interested in a close encounter you should walk right of its shore and Scuba dive in Elliot Bay to catch sight of the largest octopus in the world.

Eccentry Holidays members know that Seattle is a water town and recommends tourists to enjoy its clean fresh water like a playful porpoise by Boating on Lake Washington, or cruising around Elliot Bay and marveling at the beautiful sunset. As once you set foot in Seattle’s ground, you sure will get to enjoy recreational and cultural opportunities.

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Eccentry Holidays Explains Scuba Diving Breathing Techniques

Posted by on Dec 31, 2014 in Eccentry Holidays, Eccentry Holidays Sunny Isles |

Eccentry Holidays provides best diving tips

Eccentry Holidays Sunny Isles provides best diving tips

Eccentry Holidays is taking the time to inform members about breathing techniques that can make your scuba diving experience more enjoyable. Eccentry Holidays notes that while the divers are underwater, the force of the water affects divers from all sides, and your body needs to cope with it. Its actually your rib cage that tries to support you and provides you with the rigidity and strength to withstand such forces that otherwise may cause your lungs to collapse. The flexibility of your rib cage and your muscles allows your body to relax to some extent, which also makes your lungs strong enough to balance the outside pressure.

Eccentry Holidays members say that to enjoy a scuba diving experience, the divers need to expand their lungs to supply their body with an adequate amount of oxygen.This is done when the pressure of the water from the outside compresses the air in your lungs. The divers should also use modern scuba diving equipment, as it is designed in such a way that an adequate amount of air is delivered at the various pressure levels of underground water to help the scuba divers to cope easily with the underwater complications.

Eccentry Holidays members also advise scuba divers to learn the way to work with this modern scuba diving equipment and swim slowly, so that they can conserve the oxygen. This is all because the requirement of oxygen underwater is higher due to the high density of the surrounding water. The divers should be able to cope with the equipment when they are scuba diving, so that their heart rate is low and the oxygen that they utilize is moderate. The excitement due to the wonders of the underwater world and the stress caused by the dangers can really affect the amount of oxygen required by the scuba divers.

For more information and useful tips, contact Eccentry Holidays today.

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Eccentry Holidays Provides Tips On the Best Way to Travel in Mexico

Posted by on Dec 2, 2014 in Eccentry Holidays, Eccentry Holidays Sunny Isles |

Best travel tips to Mexico by Eccentry Holidays

Best travel tips to Mexico by Eccentry Holidays

Eccentry Holidays invites travelers to experience a beautiful travel destination for your next vacation. Visit Mexico, part of the North American continent that ensures easy reach from different parts of the world. With flights from all the major airlines across the globe, Mexico is connected to the air traffic of the world through chains of national and international airports. In fact, both the international airports situated in the Mexico City and Cancun welcome hundreds of flights from different carriers in the United States, Europe and Australia, which ensures ease and convenience to first time travelers.

Apart from the many air routes to take to get there, Mexico also offers a well-developed network of roads and highways connecting the neighboring countries like United States and Guatemala. However, one needs necessary permits and tourist automobile insurance policies in addition to foreign number plates in case of driving by private vehicle. Train services are accessible to the south of San Diego for California-Baja California border. However, keep in mind there is no service where you can ride a train across the US-Mexico border as in the case of US and Canada.

Eccentry Holidays shares that the Mexican intercity bus system as one of the most efficient systems for traveling. This system provides connectivity even to the interior villages of the country. A long list of bus operators available in the country use central computerized ticket booking system ensures ease and convenience in booking and travel. Some of the major bus operators are Omnibus Mexicanos, Autobus Americanos, El Expresso, Greyhound Lines, etc.

A cruise ship to and from the United States also offers the option of experiencing beautiful sights and scenery during your travel to Mexico. For more information on our luxury accommodations and amenities, visit Eccentry Holidays at

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