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Eccentry Holidays Explains Why You Should Visit Mexico This Fall

Posted by on Oct 23, 2014 in Eccentry Holidays |

Eccentry Holidays enjoys the scenic sunset.

Eccentry Holidays enjoys the scenic sunset.

Eccentry Holidays knows travelers should be aware that Mexico tops the list of some of the best vacation destinations in the world. It boasts of amazing features that make it top the list of countries everyone dreams of visiting. Below are some reasons why Mexico is a world-class tourist destination.

Brilliant Weather

Mexico has approximately 5800 miles of beaches, so for those looking for a vacation experience of enjoying fun in the sun, Eccentry Holidays knows Mexico stands out as one of the ideal locations. While on the subject of sun, it’s important to note that Mexico takes pride in the beauty of its weather. Enjoy warm temperatures while sipping delicious cocktails, like margaritas on the beach, listening to the waves of the ocean, perhaps while enjoying some sumptuous mole poblanos. While on the beach, feel free to play soccer, swim in the ocean or better yet, soak up under the rays of the sun as you read your favorite book or listen to soothing music.

Interactive Learning

One of the best attributes Mexico has to offer is the fact that you not only get to learn about the rich culture and history here but also experience it firsthand. Interact with people who a part of this history while visiting the historical ruins. Take part in some group tours to travel around and expand your sights, seeing even more of the country. Popular sites include Chichen Itza and Tulum, where the Mayans built their massive empire.

Enjoy The Celebrations Of Your Life

Mexico is one the countries known throughout the world for offering many events and nightlife. Come to let loose and unwind by attending some party or events, one of the perfect ways to celebrate life. Eccentry Holidays knows that during a vacation, it’s the time to both relax and have a lot of fun.

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Eccentry Holidays Invites Travelers to Enjoy Scuba Diving In Mexico

Posted by on Oct 17, 2014 in Eccentry Holidays |

Eccentry Holidays know that Mexico is the best place for scuba diving.

Eccentry Holidays know that Mexico is the best place for scuba diving.

Eccentry Holidays knows that Mexico can be one of the most exciting places to visit if you are into adventurous traveling. In fact, Mexico is one country that is known to have amazing locations for those who are interested in scuba diving. Scuba diving is a very popular activity, and many people take part in this sport throughout the world.

Something important to remember about scuba diving in Mexico is the fact that one does not need to be experienced in order to take part in it. The beginners can have an amazing time just like their experienced counterparts, largely in part to the great instructors Mexico offers for scuba divers. On top of this, there are countless prime locations that visitors can enjoy testing their skills when it comes to this great and daring sport and traveling with Eccentry Holidays.

The team of friendly scuba divers found in Mexico makes the experience worthwhile. In fact, many of these locations where individuals can take part in this sport are always open to anyone who is passionate and in need of help for learning more about the art of diving. ‘Cenote Dive’ in the Yucatan Peninsula is one perfect example of a location, that is a must visit. Offering divers a series of caverns, pools, and underground rivers to explore, this spot is very scenic and offers divers a chance to glimpse at the beautiful undersea life Mexico has to offer.

Eccentry Holidays also recommends another place to go for scuba diving, which is Baja California Sur. In addition to being a great location for the sport, this also offers opportunities to gaze at the many fish and other marine mammals that congregate in this area.

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Eccentry Holidays Offers An Exhilarating Vacation at Puerto Vallarta

Posted by on Oct 12, 2014 in Eccentry Holidays |

Scenic view of the beautiful coastline of Banderas Bay Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Scenic view of the beautiful coastline of Banderas Bay Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Eccentry Holidays members recommend Puerto Vallarta, the enchanted destination of white sandy beaches, gorgeous landscapes and natural areas of outdoor adventures to people looking for an enjoyable and exciting holiday. Puerto Vallarta is a playground of tranquilly from its cobblestone streets to its beautiful marinas. Tourist can shop, savor and enjoy beautiful sunsets in the Emerald waters of Banderas Bay.

The tourists can sail along the shorelines of El Malecon where they can photograph the Old town’s dramatic symphony of shades.Eccentry Holidaysmembers say that the Botanical gardens of Puerto Vallarta house a research centre and a pleasure garden located at its Sierra Madre Mountains. Against the breathtaking backdrop of the soaring mountain peaks you can discover the beautiful Palm and Rose Garden. Tourist can also walk along the jungle trails and view the Mexican wildflowers and the Carnivorous Plant Collection.

Eccentry Holidays knows that Banderas Bay mesmerizes all travelers with its natural splendors  and exciting recreational activities that makes the tourist dance to the  rhythm of the night as they  absorb its beautiful scenery and coastal vistas.

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What You Need For Your Costa Rica Getaway Revealed By Eccentry Holidays

Posted by on Oct 7, 2014 in Eccentry Holidays |

Get ready for travel to Costa Rica with these tips!

Get ready for travel to Costa Rica with these tips!

When you are looking for a great getaway spot for your upcoming vacation, Eccentry Holidays knows that Costa Rica provides a number of advantages over other sites. Its plethora of activities and its astounding beauty make it a top spot for vacations each year, but before you go, there are some things that you need to make sure that you have with you.

  • Documentation: To enter Costa Rica, every visitor will need to make sure that they have a valid and updated passport. With that being said, in most cases it is not necessary to secure a visa in order to visit. Anyone entering Costa Rica must have an entrance and exit ticket Persons carrying an entry only ticket will not be allowed into the country whether they’re traveling by land or by air. Do not bring copies of important documents such as your driver’s license or passport, instead, leave copies with a family member or friend who can fax them to you in the case that they are needed.
  • Car Rental: If you’re planning on renting a car, make sure you bring a valid driver’s license, and keep in mind, that you are only allowed to drive in Costa Rica with your driver’s license for three months. This should allow you plenty of time if you’re only vacationing.
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Eccentry Holidays Takes You To Paradise Island

Posted by on Sep 27, 2014 in Eccentry Holidays, Eccentry Holidays Sunny Isles |

Vacations have become a necessity for life and are not considered luxury nowadays and this is all because of our overloaded work schedule.

Vacations have become a necessity for life and are not considered luxury nowadays and this is all because of our overloaded work schedule.

Eccentry Holidays recommends Atlantis Paradise Island as the best family beach vacation that offers you all the fun filled water activities and relaxations that you long for. This island has a lot to offer and you may need a map to go around. Eccentry Holidays are efficient enough to book you in affordable accommodations so that you can have fun within your budget.

Eccentry Holidays guests enjoy the unique experience of visiting the Cove in Paradise Island and get inspired by the beauty around it. You can dive into the blue waters around the Paradise Island and indulge in the different water activities that are offered like snorkeling and scuba diving. The adventurous tourist enjoy the Shark Adventure as they really feel excited walking with the sharks though they end up with goose pimples.

The visitors interested in the Shark adventure should always wear state of the art clear glass helmets so that they can be protected and even enjoy the walk at the bottom of the Shark exhibit at Mayan Temple. The iconic Royal Towers of Paradise Island captures the attention of the roving tourists who also love to see the National monuments that become the icon of the locality and help to enhance the beauty of the Paradise Island.

Eccentry Holidays guests love the watery fun at Aquaventure which offers them nonstop water and nonstop fun. The aquatic thrill rides on and the waterslides keeps the kids accompanying you entertained as they surely enjoy the fulfilled holiday at this great water park. The Aquaventure Water Park offers an extreme level of excitement and delivers the best thrilling aquatic adventures that are unlike any other adventure experience.

The multi day experience at this world class aquatic park offers many different water activities as people young and old can equally enjoy the river rides and experience rock climbing too. Eccentry Holidays guests who are looking for a pampered touch can opt for the spa treatment offered at Mandara Spa which offers them relaxation and ancient Balinese healing touches. The cool plunge pools and the steam and sauna rooms include an excellent aromatherapy. Eccentry Holidays offers the unparalleled waterscapes of Paradise Island to its guests and the best swimming pools plus the opportunity to indulge in world class recreational activities.

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Eccentry Holidays Explores the Experience Music Project Museum

Posted by on Sep 22, 2014 in Eccentry Holidays, Eccentry Holidays Sunny Isles |

Exploring the Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle

Exploring the Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle

Eccentry Holidays knows for those who are visiting an area, each person hopes to find fun and exciting things to do. For anyone who is planning a visit to the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is one destination that offers a variety of fun things to do. One of Washington’s most unique museums can be found here, and here are just some of the reasons people should plan a stop to the Experience Music Project Museum this fall.

Founded nearly 15 years ago in 2000, the focus of this museum is much different than those concerned with traditional artwork or other historical facts. In fact, EMP museum is something that is set apart from all the rest because of its dedication to contemporary popular culture.

For all those music lovers out there, this is one place that offers many mesmerizing exhibits. Spectacle: The Music Video is honored to be the first exhibit of its kind, celebrating the art and history of different famous video, including how MTV influenced a generation and tastemakers like Madonna, Michael Jackson and David Bowie shaped their creative identities through interactive exhibits full of sight and sound.

For those who are intrigued by architecture, spend time to explore the Block By Block exhibit, which runs until early September. Since the museum itself is designed by famous architect Frank Gehry, this is an obvious choice for those interested in the area of architecture. This spot is also located just a few steps away from the famous Space Needle, so Eccentry Holidays recommends planning to spend the afternoon, if not the entire day in the area.

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Eccentry Holidays Explores Shopping at Pike Place Market

Posted by on Sep 18, 2014 in Eccentry Holidays |

Travelers can easily spot the Pike Place Market and many other spots using their GPS

Travelers can easily spot the Pike Place Market and many other spots using their GPS

Eccentry Holidays knows that for those spending their time in the state of Washington; this vacation destination is one that many families may not realize offers a variety of interesting landmarks to enjoy. For all those out there who are looking to plan a fun-filled vacation to the Pacific Northwest during the fall season, Seattle is one area that seems to have it all.

Spending time at the Pike Place Market is one of the best landmarks in the area. Many may not be aware that the market is home to more than just the freshest produce, fish, meats and other specialty food items around. In fact, Eccentry Holidays shares that many people from around the world head to this hot-spot to spend a day, weekend or more exploring the variety of different shops found in the famous marketplace.

While strolling down the many streets and alleys, around each turn visitors will find one-of-a-kind venues with friendly owners. In fact, this is the perfect place to find some fun souvenirs to take home for family and friends who couldn’t make your journey. Pick among things like fine antiques, collectibles, and art of all kinds. Finding a rare treasure is a great opportunity to give a unique gift for someone with a special occasion coming up. Choose from many different mediums like photographs, paintings, and other items for local artists and other imports from around the world.

Eccentry Holidays knows that anyone visiting the Seattle area this fall should take the time to explore the marketplace.

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Eccentry Holidays Recommends Top Packing Tips for Traveling

Posted by on Sep 7, 2014 in Eccentry Holidays, Eccentry Holidays Sunny Isles |

Eccentry Holidays

Eccentry Holidays

Eccentry Holidays understands that the cost of traveling is always rising. Now, airlines often charge you for the bags that you have to take with you. If you want to save money, you need to pack all of your things into fewer bags. The airlines will restrict you on the size of each bag, and you have to work within these limitations.

Eccentry Holidays would like to take the time to offer some basic traveling tips that you can use that will help you fit everything you need into a smaller suitcase.

A packing list – If you have a list of everything you need, you will not end up filling up your suitcase with unnecessary items.

Roll your clothes – Instead of just throwing your clothes into a suitcase, roll them up. If you roll them tightly they will be easier to pack and will take up less space than if they are folded.

Space saver bags – These bags use a vacuum cleaner to take all of the air out after they have been filled with the things that you need to pack. These bags take up half of the space of the same amount of clothes that are not in a bag like this.

Being able to fit more things into a suitcase is only half of the battle. If you are not careful, you can end up with a suitcase that is much heavier and more unwieldy than you imagined. Eccentry Holidays would like to remind you that airlines not only have restrictions on size, they also have weight limits on the suitcases. Use a scale to check the weight of your suitcase after you have finished packing it to avoid any problems. Follow these simple tips from Eccentry Holidays, and before you know it, you will be a packing professional!

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Eccentry Holidays Ideas for a Top Summer Experience in New York City

Posted by on Aug 1, 2014 in Eccentry Holidays, Eccentry Holidays Sunny Isles |

Eccentry Holidays, a leader in providing travelers with exciting vacation fulfillment services, knows that as summer comes to a close, travelers are looking for a little excitement before the fall season arrives. One of the best ways to enjoy the end of summer days is heading to the big apple. Here are some of our favorite summertime activities to do while visiting the city.

1. Central Park: This famous spot is always something any traveler, especially those visiting the city for the first time, should make time to see. Relaxing on the Great Lawn, snapping pictures in front of the Bethesda Fountain or posing with some of the famous statues will be something to remember.

2: The High Line: This area stretches clear from Chelsea all the way to the Meatpacking district and is a repurposed railroad track turned urban retreat. The space is also elevated, great for those who want to get a view of the gorgeous city scenery. Be sure to stop by at night to get more of the experience, and take a seat on one of the reclining lounges and people watch.

3: Moma: The Museum of Modern Art is one of the top ways to enjoy time in the  city, something that Eccentry Holidays includes as a must-see event while spending time in New York. Spend time gazing at everything from classic masterpieces from Van Gogh, to sculptures, shock art and more. After going through all the galleries, save the Rockefeller Sculpture Garden for last to reflect by the pools.

Eccentry Holidays knows that for most travelers, New York City is a must-see destination that will create many memories for couples and families alike. For more information or to book a vacation today, please visit

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Eccentry Holidays Encourages Travelers to Experience Cruise Ships

Posted by on Jul 11, 2014 in Eccentry Holidays, Eccentry Holidays Sunny Isles |

Eccentry Holidays recognizes that travelers are in search of unique and exciting ways to experience vacations. There are beaches to soak up the sun, theme parks to visit, resorts to relax in luxury, and so much more. However, no vacation is quite as unique as going on a cruise. With options to sail the seas anywhere around the world, there is no reason why a traveler should not enjoy such a wonderful experience at least once in a lifetime. Whether going solo, with a group of friends, with the family, or a significant other, the cruise experience can be custom tailored to satisfy the needs of any traveler.

There is so much to do on a cruise than simply remaining idle on a ship, as known by Eccentry Holidays. Cruise lines have a variety of events on board throughout the day for travelers to select. For those interesting in seeing how the ship operates, they can take a guided tour of the ship and have any questions answered. Group activities such as trivia, pool games, and karaoke are common features on many cruise lines. Oftentimes, live performances from musicians and even comedians can be enjoyed as well.

Fortunately, guest on a cruise can rest their sea legs when a ship stops at a port. These areas are typically designed with the cruise passenger in mind. Nearby areas will tend to have duty free shops and days tours to see the area. When it comes time for passengers to come back aboard, they will find a greater sense of enjoyment by seeing other parts of the world while on a cruise.

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